Double Happiness Restaurant

Double Happiness Restaurant

If you find yourself in Trail, BC and you have a craving for authentic Chinese and/or Vietnamese food, make sure you stop in at Double Happiness Restaurant. It’s the place where joy comes not only from enjoying the great Asian food delights they are proud offer you, but also from being able to share it with your closest friends.

They offer a luxurious dining room and a dish rich weekly lunch buffet where you can enjoy delicious oriental food and a welcoming service.

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Wally Soukoroff
  • Client Relations
  • Project Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Graphic Design Specialist
  • Website Design Specialist
  • Website Development Specialist
  • Digital Photo Specialist
  • Website Maintenance & Support Specialist
Website Necessities
  • ProCreative Micro Hosting Package (current)
  • Hosting Account Creation & Setup
  • Email Accounts Creation & Setup
  • MySql Database Creation & Setup
Website Strategy & Design
  • Website Structure Creation
  • Elegant Theme Selection for WordPress
  • Elegant Theme Design Layouts
Website Development & Functionality
  • WordPress Install & Setup
  • Elegant Theme Purchase, Install, Setup & Code Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • News Blog Setup
  • jQuery Homepage Image Slider
  • jQuery Animated Content Images
  • Standard Contact Form Creation & Setup
  • Premium Website Backup Functionality
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Links Integration
  • Social Media Sharing Enabled
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Anti-Spam Enabled
  • Website Speed Boost Enabled
Website Maintenance & Support
  • ProCreative Maintenance Web Support Package (current)
  • Social Media Account Management
Brand/Graphic Design
  • Original Web Graphics Design
Digital Photo/Imagery
  • Digital Brand/Product Photography
  • Digital Photo Processing/Colour Correction/Sizing
  • Digital Photo Compositing
  • Digital Photo Website Optimization
Text Copy Creation/Refinement
  • Text Copy Proofreading (Website)
  • Text Copy Editing/Rewriting (Website)

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Wally at ProCreative Labs was the epitome of professionalism and he managed the project so incredibly well. It was nearly effortless on my part to provide him the images he needed to do fantastic work. With careful consideration of the client’s input, he was able to put together a brilliantly beautiful website for Double Happiness Restaurant, one that greatly exceeded our expectations.

I would recommend him again in a heartbeat to anyone who wants a wonderful website and hosting done with the utmost efficiency.

Tanya Lam – Project Liaison, Double Happiness Restaurant